Ausbury / Bottenberg History Part One

Jacob Bottenberg > Lewis Bottenberg / Isaac Newton Ausbury > John Price Ausbury > Harold Ausbury > Phil Ausbury > Doug Ausbury

jacobbottenberg.gifI’ve been doing some research on the Ausbury name and believe I’ve found the tombstone of my great, great, great Grandfather whose name was Jacob Bottenberg. Born sometime between 1803 and 1809, the Bottenbergs were Quakers and Jacob came to the U.S. from England in 1810, settling in Pennsylvania.

ausbury-home1.jpgOn April 12, 1827, Jacob married Elizabeth Van Swearingen and on March 9, 1828, Jacob had a son name Lewis Bottenberg. Lewis was a mean and jealous man – an alcoholic who allegedly left his entire family for his wife to raise. Lewis married Anastasia Price in 1852 and had 8 children. One of these 8 children was John Price Bottenberg, named after Anastasia’s father, John Price. John Price Bottenberg was disowned by his parents and was adopted by Isaac Newton Ausbury (born August 8, 1839 and died on Christmas day 1924). John was renamed John Price Ausbury.

John Price Ausbury married Nora Singer (my great grandmother) and had 3 sons, Elmer, Carl and Harold (my grandfather). These 3 Ausbury boys grew up in this home in Macomb, Illinois.

ausbury-barn.jpgThe Ausbury home is located along Route 136 a few miles east of Macomb. It was constructed in 1850 and also located on this farmstead is a notable barn constructed by Wilbur Wetzel in 1918. My grandfather Harold and his brother Carl went into the ministry while elmer took over the family home and farm.

The Singer family came from England and were Presbyterians – very involved in the Camp Creek Presbyterian Church in Macomb. I have an actual brick from this church which is quite meaningful since my grandfather, Harold and his wife, became Christians in this church. After my grandfather and grandmother received their college degrees (Agriculture and Education respectively), in the early 1900’s they became traveling minsters and moved from town to town starting churches and living completely on “wherever the Lord would lead them”. Subsequently, my Dad was in 20 schools before finishing the 7th grade.

In Part Two, I’ll share more about my Grandfather Harold Ausbury who left this world in 1988.


Doug Ausbury is an entrepreneur, coffee achiever, baseball addict, aspiring spousal unit, pop music geek and family man. Most of the time, he needs more cowbell...a lot more cowbell.

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2 comments on “Ausbury / Bottenberg History Part One

    Hi Cousin,
    My dad was Ralph Chidester, and I am Paul Chidester and my twin brother is Silas Chidester. Ralph led your grandpa, Harold, into a deaper walk with Jesus before your dad and I were born. Praise Jesus!!! I am glad to get the information you show on your site. I have some genealogy of the Ausburys, Singers and Chidesters. I can give you a “FTW” file on DVD made on “Family Tree Maker 2005. I have been in the house and barn you show on your BLOG.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you. Your dad Philip, David, John Heck, Paul & Silas were born about the same time. God Bless, talk to you soon!!! Paul.

  2. Ausbury says:

    Hi Paul,
    How great to hear from you! I’d love to see whatever you have on Ausbury genealogy as well as Singers and Chidesters. Can you send the FTW file to me via email?

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Doug Ausbury is an entrepreneur, coffee achiever, baseball addict, aspiring spousal unit, pop music geek and family man. Most of the time, he needs more cowbell...a lot more cowbell.

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