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Top 10 Misheard Lyrics: Deuce or Douche?

Update December 2012: Springsteen was recently interviewed and says he changed Manfred Mann’s original lyric from “cut loose like a deuce” to “revved up like a deuce” yet admitted the reason the song went to #1 was because people heard

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1978 Dance Grooves

Disco? Yes. Music of my youth? Yes. Feather back your hair, grab your roller skates and get ready to dance, dance, dance:

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Best Compliment You Can Give A Band (Styx)

I tried, unsuccessfully (thank goodness), to blow my home theater speakers watching the Styx Grand Illusion / Pieces Of Eight DVD.   Those two albums from the late 70’s are so great.  The band plays both albums back to back.

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Desert Island Albums

In my blog reading, I’ve come across some fellow bloggers who’ve taken the time to list the 10 albums they would want with them on a desert island. It’s a ridiculous notion, really, to contemplate not only landing on a

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How To Ruin A Song? Make A Christian Version

I’m sure there a lot of ways to ruin a good song, however near the top of the list for me is making a Christian version of the song especially by changing the lyrics altogether. This was a pet peave

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How To Get A Song Out Of Your Head

Start by playing the song all the way through. If anyone interrupts the song, start it over. This purges the system. Then, you must immediately play any* song by J. Geils Band three times in a row. Again, no interruptions

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Commercial Destiny

Some old songs are destined to have a second life in TV commercials. Let’s start a list of those yet to come: 1. Antacid: “I can feel St. Elmo’s Fire burning in me”

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