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Top 10 Misheard Lyrics: Deuce or Douche?

Update December 2012: Springsteen was recently interviewed and says he changed Manfred Mann’s original lyric from “cut loose like a deuce” to “revved up like a deuce” yet admitted the reason the song went to #1 was because people heard

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Amazing Hole In One Golf Shot (Actual Footage)

According to this YouTube user, the following is actual video footage from a security company video training course in 1997. The character is a clumsy, nerdy professor who tries every sport from baseball to tennis to fishing — and can’t

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A Funny Thing Happened At The Vet

File this under: Finding Humor In Every Day As I’m walking out of the vet, a gal is coming in with her poodle under her arm and an ENORMOUS freezer bag of what had to be stool samples (plural emphasized).

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Who Says Buddy Is Not A Smart Dog?

Sure, he eats stuff he shouldn’t. But, this certainly proves that Buddy is smarter than your average K9. He kept ending up in the front yard and we couldn’t figure it out. We finally captured him on video opening the

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Dear Super Chatty Pilot …

Dear Super Chatty Pilot, Thanks for going on and on AND ON about how severely bumpy its going to get and wind gusts are going to top 100 mph and blah blah blah….more difficulties and extreme challenges ahead and more

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Latest Collin Creation

Another great short film from our budding film maker, Collin:

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In Her Own Words

Why do TV news people say things like: “Next up….Hillary Clinton….In her own words”. What other words would she have? Do people regularly talk using other people’s words and I just haven’t picked up on that?

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