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From the moment we’re born we’re drawn to form a union with others an abiding drive to connect to love to belong.   In a perfect union we find the strength we cannot find in ourselves.  Advertisements

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New Facebook App Idea

It’s March 28th in Northeast Ohio. About 150 days into the big chill. Winter’s last gasp. And here is my idea for a new Facebook app. It’s called Newton’s First Law of Spring Break. Sir Isaac Newton radically changed our

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Whole Lotta Roy

Someone named Roy (who I don’t know) called my number 9 times over 6 days in July 2012. On one of these days, he called 4 times! Even after calling and leaving 6 messages, on his 7th call he throws

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When Parents HeyTell

I can’t decide if this is pathetic or a clever attempt at communicating with my teenage son.

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Merry Christmas

Make a Smilebox scrapbook

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Happy #12 Collin!


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