My Tribe


The Little $61 Million Engine That Could
October 3, 2007

Tribe 12, Yankees 3

“I think I can, I think I can” becomes “I know I can. I know I can!”

This is sweeter than a Browns blowout of the Steelers. A night to remember. I pulled out my ’99 Lofton jersey from the back of the closet and clutch-hitting K-Love grabs 4 RBIs. Down goes Wang. We’re handing out high fives and partying with our entire section. Yankee fans were mocked and then mocked some more. Jeter nearly falls down swinging at a 96 MPH Sabathia fast ball. My boy Gark goes yard. Shapiro is a genius.

Soak it up Cleveland. This is your baseball team, the little $61 million engine that could.

ESPN gets it right ……….


We Are Central Division Champions!
September 23, 2007

I took the video below as my son Collin and I celebrated our first Division Championship since 2001. Memories were definitely made. I tip my cap to the team I love and the true-blue, loyal Indians fans.

Ausbury Boys Tribe Tribute

My wife got me a very cool Christmas gift. As she (and many of you) know, perhaps my favorite place on the planet is Jacob’s Field where the Cleveland Indians play. My gift was my very own brick in the Indians’ new Heritage Park.

After coming up with several different things, I toiled over what to put on my brick — even asking several friends and family which of my ideas they liked best. I finally decided that I wanted something that would not just focus on me, but on all the Ausbury boys and their fondness of the Tribe. I wanted something that my boys would take their boys to see, and their boys, and their boys, etc.

Here are two pictures of the brick, one from right above looking down and one zoomed in. This is for me, my Dad, my brothers Dave and Dennis, and my boys Grant and Collin … and of course, their boys and their boys … :



Go Tribe.

Indians Snow-pening Day 2007

This may be the strangest baseball experience my family and I will have in our lifetime. Only in Cleveland is it 28 degrees with blizzardy snow on Opening Day. After four snow delays, they finally gave up as Mother Nature won the battle. We stayed through it all and made some awesome memories.

To see the rest of the photos, click here.

6 comments on “My Tribe
  1. Phil Kittell says:

    Hey I’m sitting here in study hall w/ my bro granty!! Were pretyy bored.. ya know listen ta the lab lady yell @ us, ya know “Stop playing games!!!” Well anyways we love the man boob story!! They dead cats prtty funny to.. I like the tribe page. Keep it real!!!

  2. Uncle Dick says:

    Hey, Doug! I can’t imagine what is was like to be in the stands Sunday afternoon. I’m so glad you guys could enjoy it together. Believe me, Priscilla and I did our share of hootin’ and hollerin’ down here in Florida. We have really enjoyed our subscription to Tribe baseball. Go Indians…ALL THE WAY11!

  3. Grammy & Grandpa says:

    Sunday’s BIG WINNING game was full of cold chills.. better known as “goosebumps”… we watched on high def and loved every minute of it… Knowing Doug was there seeing it all for “real” made it even better… then we found out that Collin witnessed the BIG ONE too was great!
    We love our Tribe for sure and are already cheering them on to the FINAL VICTORY !!! The victory scenes of the team celebrating will never be forgotten!
    They’re the BEST!!!

  4. Laura says:

    I am SOOOO hoping the TRIBE continues to fly high “under the radar” and somewhat “unnoticed” by the Baseball world until — all of a sudden and without too much warning — WE WIN IT ALL!!!! I like the fact that noone is really talking much about us until now…and when everyone wakes up and the non-believers have been silenced, WE HAVE WON IT ALL!!!

  5. Grammy & Grandpa says:

    C’mon Doug… WE need some updates here… “Are YOU in the Tribe?”

  6. Ruby says:

    I am sooo happy that our beloved Indians have given up on the “are you in the tribe?”slogan.. It never did make any sense to me… but I’m “old”…:)

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