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Whole Lotta Roy

Someone named Roy (who I don’t know) called my number 9 times over 6 days in July 2012. On one of these days, he called 4 times! Even after calling and leaving 6 messages, on his 7th call he throws in an “I love you” at the end. He called 2 more times then never called again.

Poor Roy.

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When Parents HeyTell

I can’t decide if this is pathetic or a clever attempt at communicating with my teenage son.

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1978 Dance Grooves

Disco? Yes.

Music of my youth? Yes.

Feather back your hair, grab your roller skates and get ready to dance, dance, dance:

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Best Compliment You Can Give A Band (Styx)

styx tommy shawI tried, unsuccessfully (thank goodness), to blow my home theater speakers watching the Styx Grand Illusion / Pieces Of Eight DVD.  

Those two albums from the late 70’s are so great.  The band plays both albums back to back.  It was the first time I’ve ever heard songs like Castle Walls and Aku Aku performed live. 

Here’s something about Styx that I think sets them apart (at least for me). When you go back and listen to albums like this, you find yourself thinking, “Ok, this is my favorite Styx song”. Then the next song starts and you think,  “Ok, this is my favorite Styx song.”  
And the cycle repeats.
I have a feeling for some musicians that may be the best compliment they can receive.
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Desert Island Albums

In my blog reading, I’ve come across some fellow bloggers who’ve taken the time to list the 10 albums they would want with them on a desert island. It’s a ridiculous notion, really, to contemplate not only landing on a desert island, but remembering to bring your 10 favorite albums.

With my smartypants on, I decided right away that I would pick my 10 favorite box sets, but then decided to make it hard and exclude all box sets and greatest hit compilations. There goes my beloved copy of Slim Whitman’s Greatest Hits.

So if I’m stuck on a desert island, I’m hoping it’s not a deserted desert island. If so, I’d be sitting around playing euchre with Gilligan, John Locke and Brooke Shields (all whom forgot to bring their 10 favorite CDs) and jamming to these classic albums.

What are your 10 desert island discs?

The Age Of Plastic – The Buggles 1-buggles-1980.jpg
90125 – Yes 2-yes-1984.jpg
II – Chicago 3-chicago-1970.jpg
Out Of The Blue – ELO 5-elo-1977.jpg
2112 – Rush 4-rush-1976.jpg
Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd 6-pinkfloyd-1973.jpg
A Night At The Opera – Queen 7-queen-1974.jpg
The Sweet – Sweet 8-sweet-1973.jpg
Toto – Toto 9-toto-1978.jpg
Asia – Asia 10-asia-1982.jpg

Honorable mention:

Difford & Tilbrook – Difford & Tilbrook 11-difford-1984.jpg
War – U2 12-u2-1983.jpg
Can You Still Feel? – Jason Falkner 13-falkner-1999.jpg
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How To Ruin A Song? Make A Christian Version

I’m sure there a lot of ways to ruin a good song, however near the top of the list for me is making a Christian version of the song especially by changing the lyrics altogether. This was a pet peave of mine for a long time and part of what turned a lot of people off to Christian radio in the mid 80’s.

If you want to sing these original songs to God and you feel they are appropriate, then please just do it. If you have to change the lyrics, then maybe you shouldn’t cover the song at all?

I can’t say this without also thanking musicians that have become Christians and have not gone back into their past and changed or re-rerecorded their songs. Among these: MC Hammer and Lou Gramm (Foreigner)

A friend and I have started a list of songs that (in our opinion) should never have been “Christianized”. Here is the beginning of this list:

1. Some Kind Of Wonderful by Grand Funk – Mark Farner
2. Lonely People by America – Dan Seals
3. Broken Wings by Mr. Mister – I can’t remember the band, but trust me, it was not good
4. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion – The Joshua Band
5. Jesus Just Left Chicago by ZZ Top – Just kidding, but imagine how bad this would be?

Are there others I’m missing?

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